AfAm1 wiki: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Hello. For the written component of our discussion of this text, we will create a wiki site together that will serve three purposes: a holding site for class discussion notes; a daily discussion forum about the text that will serve as a continuous co-narrative to our in-class work; a final thoughts section where students will submit a concluding, fully realized insight into the text.

Each day, two students will post to the wiki. The first student will provide a narrative summary of class discussion that will serve as the official record of the conversation. Those summaries should be at least 250 words, and should be posted in the "Class Discussion Notes" section below.

The second student will post to the "Textual Response Forum" below. These posts should be at least 250 words, and should either a) respond to some aspect of class discussion that you found interesting; b) respond to a major question about the text; c) respond to a passage from the text about which the writer has something compelling to say. These posts should always directly quote the text at least once, and should provide a "works consulted" footnote.

In addition to the two official daily posters to the site, all students are encouraged to read the site every evening and to comment in the "Textual Response Forum" as often as they wish. We hope that you'll be inspired to comment often; our expectation is that you will do so at least once a week.

Finally, upon finishing the narrative, each student will provide a "final thought" entry to the last forum. It will serve as a record of our best, most realized insights into the text. These final thoughts should be 300 words and should utilize the text and include a works consulted bib.

Any time your writing or insight is influenced by outside reading, you must add a works consulted citation.

If there are any special, additional announcements to be made, they will appear here:

Here is a video with Manning Marable discussing Malcolm and Harlem, and addressing specifically the story of Malcolm and Hinton Johnson that Malcolm X recounts at the end of Chapter 13.

Enjoy— Jeff

It is a collaboration almost unparalleled in the history of literature. -late Columbia Professor Manning Marable

There were a couple of times when I wanted to throw the book across the room … if it's not pissing you off, you need to read it again. -Columbia undergraduate Julie Poole

This is a book that should be read every five years. It ain't McDonalds. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is sit your ass down, say grace, and eat your food very slowly as we sit around this table. -Public Enemy frontman Chuck D

I quote President Jefferson right along with Malcolm X, back to back … Malcolm X says in his autobiography [that] no man or government can give you freedom. You take it. You never give up the question of what's next. You claim freedom on your own.
-Conservative activist Lenny McCallister

*Quotes taken from PRI's Studio 360-American Icons: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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